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Joined: 17th Jun 2013
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19th Feb 2013

So guys, tell me what you think!

Everytime you recruit somebody and on the clan application they state that (for example) Aquas recommended them to the clan, he would have 10 posts added to his account.

The program would ALSO serve as a member ranking system. The more members recruited = higher level.

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Joined: 17th Jun 2013
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20th Feb 2013

Actually, how about this.

The system would be to where whenever somebody says your name on their Application they send in. THEY HAVE TO SEND IT IN. You can't just say you did. Also, don't make duplicate account's as I could see your IP. You'll receive 10 posts for each member recruited.

There would be Levels 1-20, to advance one level you would have to recruit 10 members. (May be a lot, however I'd like for it to last as long as possible.)

Then once someone reaches level 20, they can choose to stay level 20 (they wouldn't receive posts for recruits if they stay this level,) or reset and go back to level one and reach 20 over and over if they wish. Sort of like how in Call of Duty you can prestige.
Forum » Clan Discussion » Feature Requests
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