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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Release Dates Announced
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19th Feb 2013

The one we've all been waiting for

During both Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America's Nintendo Direct broadcasts, a release date has been given for Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the regions.

That's right, North Americans will finally be able to get their hands on the popular simulation game on the 9th June, with Europeans getting the game five days later on 14th June.

This time around you're the mayor of your own town, so no need to worry about that greedy so-and-so Tom Nook.
June can't come quick enough, and we're sure you're thinking the same too. For now, check out the trailer below featuring Mr. Eguchi, which was shown during todays broadcast.

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19th Feb 2013

Yay! Been waiting forever for this! Will be getting it on release. I think it's probably the best Animal Crossing to come.

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19th Feb 2013

i hope it will be as good as they say itll be

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